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For Employers

KodeGo can help you source your future tech talents easily! Our graduates have accomplished a rigorous curriculum and have established portfolios. Hire individuals who:

  • are equipped with in-demand tech stacks like PHP, React.js, and SQL;
  • are industry-experienced through real-world projects;
  • also have backgrounds in different industries like medicine and business; and
  • are easily trainable and willing to learn.

For School Partnerships

Partner up with KodeGo for your school programs and events! As our partner, you can:

  • include KodeGo bootcamps as a supplement to your school's tech programs;
  • increase chances of placing your students in Globe, Ayala & partner companies;
  • have KodeGo as a sponsor and/or speaker for your organization events; and
  • increase your online presence through a social media blasting partnership.

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